Packing For The Work Week

This was yesterday morning’s haul for the office:IMG_9152.JPGGreen smoothie ingredients (bananas, apples, kale and frozen mango) for the week.

Chia pudding and berries for the week.

Raw onion bread crackers, avocados, grape tomatoes (for ALTs).

Cocoa crisps – buckwheat groats that were mixed with cocoa powder and maple syrup.  It was supposed to be cereal.  It turned out to be more like raw nestle’s crunch.   It’s tasty nonetheless.

I’ll need to restock on avocados, kale, lettuce and grape tomatoes by Thursday.

Provided I have food with me I find it very easy to eat raw at the office during the week.  I get busy working and frankly could just go on green smoothies all day but a little diversity is always nice.

I’m finding two things that are making this phase of eating raw easier than ever before:

  • One key piece that seems to have fallen into place is that I’ve experimented with eating raw a number of times over the past 5 years and I am finally learning what I like to eat from the raw food world (other than the obvious fruit, carrot and celery sticks).  Once you have a small stable of favorites it’s much easier to stick to it.
  • And the other key piece is that I’m not being so strict.   100% raw is a lofty ideal but the more raw the better.  So if it’s between 100%, which then falls off to 20 or 30% (fruit, green smoothies, and those carrots and celery sticks) vs. 70-80% consistently then I’m going to opt for what I can do consistently.  When I eat some cooked brown rice pasta and a bit of parmesan cheese at night with a big salad after eating raw all day I don’t feel like a failure.  And on Sunday night Ruthie was begging to go out for dinner so we indulged her.  We wanted something close by and not too expensive so we opted for wood fired oven pizza.  My kneejerk reaction was to deprive myself and just order a salad and suffer in silence.  But when I get confronted with that crazy control freak I’m trying to ask myself in that mutliple-personality-disordered-way-that-I-do,  “Am I really never going to eat pizza again?  Probably not.  So don’t deprive yourself.  Eat some pizza and enjoy it.” In general I’m letting myself eat things I really want at dinner or when dining out as long as at least half of my meal is raw.   I’m trying to remind myself to eat in a way I know I can sustain not just for a few weeks or months but for the rest of my life.   So on Sunday night I got a nice salad and a vegan lentil soup.  Then I ate 2 slices of pizza with no guilt whatsoever.  And it was delicious.