Burger Success!

After work I wasn’t feeling very hungry and had a headache but I’d managed to get out a little after 4 and so had time to make a green juice for myself and The Husband and then do some yoga before thinking about dinner.

I definitely wasn’t craving anything cooked but was so skeptical about those raw veggie burgers. I’d made them over the Thanksgiving break and finally decided to just freeze them when I hadn’t eaten them after  a few days.

I made the ketchup and mayo to go with them and had one with green pea shoots, a slice of tomato, raw ketchup and raw mayo in a romaine leaf. It was soooo good. Ketchup and mayo were key.  As was the tomato slice, sprouts, and romaine leaf to lighten and brighten the whole thing up.

I made the full recipe for the ketchup and it made at least 12 oz and there’s no way I can eat 12 oz of raw ketchup in the next week so I froze an 8 oz jar of it.  We’ll see how that works out.

For the mayo I decided to try making 1/3 of the recipe and doing it in my little magic bullet blender instead of the Vitamix (I didn’t think there would be enough volume to do it in the Vitamix).  It came out great!

I wish I had a group of people to share the task of making raw condiments each week.  The recipes make so much and it would be nice to have a bit of variety.

Oh, I just realized I should have put some raw sauerkraut on my burger last night!  Oh well, I might just have another today and I can add some then.

After dinner Ruthie and I made the Perez Hilton cookies again.  She loves them and they have no added sugar or bad ingredients.  I used dried cranberries instead of raisins since that’s all we had.  I had a couple of them after dinner.  They’re not raw but they’re pretty innocuous and oddly tasty.  You take one bite and kind of wrinkle your nose but then you keep going and they’re quite delicious.

So that was my Friday.  Not completely raw but pretty damn close and I’m feeling great.  No desire for the junk food binge I had on Thursday.  I’m so looking forward to a weekend in the kitchen!

December 5th:

Feeling a little headachy and low energy today (too much coffee?  the SAD mac n cheese yesterday, no green juice or yoga this morning?)

Here’s my raw till dinner report. I might make some raw ketchup when I get home to try on the nut meat burgers I haven’t quite been able to bring myself to eat. The few nibbles I had weren’t that good but maybe with the ketchup and maybe I’ll even make raw mayo.  With the sauces and wrapped up in a leaf of romaine they might be good?

Here is my food log for the day:
coffee with milk at 7:30 AM
Starbucks latte @ 9 AM
16 oz of green smoothie leftover from yesterday @ 1130 AM
banana @ 12:30 PM
leftover moroccan carrot slaw with green pea shoots on top.
big bowl of chia pudding with berries @ 1 PM
onion bread crackers with avocado mashed up with lemon, salt and pepper @ 3 PM
I’m going to try to keep it raw tonight.  We’ll see what happens.

Later on December 4th:

Ugh.  I just ate a bowl of mac and cheese.  Not the raw kind!  Scott had gotten it for Ruthie when he got the shepard’s pie and after putting Ruthie to bed I had a serious case of the munchies.

It’s like I have two stomachs:  a healthy food stomach and a junk food stomach.  I was completely stuffed after the salad and cooked shepard’s pie tonight but I still wanted something junky b/c the junk food stomach was near empty.
I’m going to blame it on PMS.
I topped it off with some chocolate chia pudding.  I recently discovered blended chia pudding.  I love it that way!  Smooth and creamy.

From December 4th

I have been eating cooked most nights. I’d love to get to the point where that is the exception rather than the norm.

Yesterday was the first time I stayed raw all day (except for coffee).

I’d orinally planned on having a nut meat burger for dinner tonight and making raw ketchup to go with it but then Scott got my favorite veggie shepard’s pie for dinner and he had that and a nice salad all ready when I came home from work so I did eat cooked food at dinner.  But with a nice big salad and some raw sauerkraut at least!

I’m having ng so much fun making and thinking about all the delicious raw foods that you can make.

Whenever I tried eating raw in the past I always felt like it had to be 100% or there was no point to it. That seems so silly now though.  More raw food is better than less no matter what percentage it is.  So I’m just trying to focus on saying, “yes” rather than, “no” like The Rawtarian said in one of her podcasts.

From December 3rd

Food so far today:

Green juice.  Yum!
Moroccan carrot slaw with mung bean sprouts substituted for sunflower seeds since I had some growing that I needed to use in something.   Yumm!
Onion bread with avocado, lemon juice, salt & pepper, grape tomatoes and lettuce.  Yum!!
I have such an easy time eating raw during the day.  I wish I found it this easy at dinner.  I’m just always craving something heavier by that point in the day and I’m not a big fan of heavier raw dishes as they tend to be so nut heavy.
How do people deal with this?

My Raw Concoctions

Since I got back from my work trip on the 13th of November I’ve been picking up some of our raw cookbooks and spending lots of time on raw websites like The Rawtarian.  I even downloaded her recipe app and have been listening to her podcasts.

The first book I started with was the Cafe Gratitude cookbook.  I made a decent fiery carrot avocado soup from there.  I also made some buckwheat and flax seed crackers, which were so-so.  I don’t think I like too much veggie pulp in my crackers.  They were good with some hummus though and I’m sure they’d both be good with guacamole.  I also tried making some raw pizzas with a cash nut ricotta cheese from the book since I had made the buckwheat crusts.  The first one I did was the Hawaiian pizza since I’d just come back from Honolulu and had some fresh Hawaiian pineapple.  It was so so.  A little too busy.  The next night I tried more a classic pizza with some raw marinara sauce and a nice and spicy olive tapenade in addition to the cashew ricotta.  This was much better but I realized what I liked best was just the olive tapenade on the crackers.  I still haven’t met a raw marinara sauce I’ve really liked.

I’ve been finding The Rawtarian podcasts quite helpful.  I am in love with her brownies.  Make them.  Whether you’re trying to eat raw or not they are easy and amazing.  No frosting necessary though I’m sure it would be delicious.

Yesterday I listened to an interview that Jennifer Cornbleet (author of Raw Food Made Easy for 1 to 2 People – one of my favorites!) did of Victoria Moran (author of Main Street Vegan).  Click here to listen.  I made the Paris Hilton cookies after picking Ruthie up from school.  The three of us loved them.  They are cooked but I tried making a few in the dehydrator to see how a mostly raw version tasted.  I just tried one.  Scott had turned off the dehydrator last night so they need some more time in there but they’re not bad even un-baked.

Another of my raw staples is Jennifer Cornbleet’s avocado miso soup.  Google: “raw miso soup Woody Harrelson” if you ever want to try it.  It’s one of those things I’d make occasionally even when I wasn’t trying to eat raw.   Her raw avocado chocolate mousse is also amazing – if you have a few raspberries on top then there is absolutely no avocado flavor and it’s smooth like butter.

At Thanksgiving I devoured almost an entire plate of cut up red, orange, and yellow peppers with Ranch dressing that probably had a lot of ingredients in it that I’d just rather not know about.  I ate a bunch of other crap, too, and there was no salad!  I should have brought one.  Oh well.  At least I did get to enjoy my no bake pumpkin pie that had a raw crust at least made of pecans, dates, and oats.

I made some raw onion bread over the weekend.  That stuff is good.   I think I used the recipe on The Rawtarian site.

I’ve been making smoothies almost every day, which isn’t so unusual for me.  I found a new green smoothie recipe that i like and is a nice departure from my more fruity go to of 1 apple, 1 banana, 1 mango (or half a bag of frozen mang), a cup or so of frozen berries, and two giant handfuls of kale.   This new version is more of a creamy milkshake.  It is made of two frozen bananas, 3  cups of almond milk, a few dates, two big handfuls of kale, and a tiny nib of fresh ginger.  Yum.  I put cocoa powder in it one day, too.

Packing For The Work Week

This was yesterday morning’s haul for the office:IMG_9152.JPGGreen smoothie ingredients (bananas, apples, kale and frozen mango) for the week.

Chia pudding and berries for the week.

Raw onion bread crackers, avocados, grape tomatoes (for ALTs).

Cocoa crisps – buckwheat groats that were mixed with cocoa powder and maple syrup.  It was supposed to be cereal.  It turned out to be more like raw nestle’s crunch.   It’s tasty nonetheless.

I’ll need to restock on avocados, kale, lettuce and grape tomatoes by Thursday.

Provided I have food with me I find it very easy to eat raw at the office during the week.  I get busy working and frankly could just go on green smoothies all day but a little diversity is always nice.

I’m finding two things that are making this phase of eating raw easier than ever before:

  • One key piece that seems to have fallen into place is that I’ve experimented with eating raw a number of times over the past 5 years and I am finally learning what I like to eat from the raw food world (other than the obvious fruit, carrot and celery sticks).  Once you have a small stable of favorites it’s much easier to stick to it.
  • And the other key piece is that I’m not being so strict.   100% raw is a lofty ideal but the more raw the better.  So if it’s between 100%, which then falls off to 20 or 30% (fruit, green smoothies, and those carrots and celery sticks) vs. 70-80% consistently then I’m going to opt for what I can do consistently.  When I eat some cooked brown rice pasta and a bit of parmesan cheese at night with a big salad after eating raw all day I don’t feel like a failure.  And on Sunday night Ruthie was begging to go out for dinner so we indulged her.  We wanted something close by and not too expensive so we opted for wood fired oven pizza.  My kneejerk reaction was to deprive myself and just order a salad and suffer in silence.  But when I get confronted with that crazy control freak I’m trying to ask myself in that mutliple-personality-disordered-way-that-I-do,  “Am I really never going to eat pizza again?  Probably not.  So don’t deprive yourself.  Eat some pizza and enjoy it.” In general I’m letting myself eat things I really want at dinner or when dining out as long as at least half of my meal is raw.   I’m trying to remind myself to eat in a way I know I can sustain not just for a few weeks or months but for the rest of my life.   So on Sunday night I got a nice salad and a vegan lentil soup.  Then I ate 2 slices of pizza with no guilt whatsoever.  And it was delicious.