MeI’ve been a cheese and dairy loving vegetarian for 13 years. 18 if you add the high school and college pasta heavy period, which was followed by a few too many steak au poivres.

When this began in 2009 I was a thirty-something woman working in finance in New York City. I spent my weeks in the city and most weekends in Woodstock, NY with my husband and our dog and cat. The road trip up on the weekend was quite the menagerie and then we started throwing in some sprouts when we spent two months eating a raw vegan diet in March of 2010.

That ended when I got pregnant. For the next few months my diet took a turn for bread and cheese. It was the only thing I could stomach. Raw food became repulsive. I still don’t know if I could stomach the smell of marinated mushrooms in the dehydrator. I’m quite sure I couldn’t eat one.

Now I am a working (still in finance) mom living in Upstate NY. My husband stays home with our daughter and works part time for himself.

We’re raising a child and living in the country.  I’ve been trying to get my eating habits back on track for the past few years. At one point I decided to try to accompany my husband in a year of veganism.  It didn’t last for either of us.  For a recap on my dietary evolutions and devolutions from 2012 through 2014 click here.

It is December of 2014 now and I’m reviving this blog because I feel inspired to try to eat a high raw diet that I can sustain.   Whether it’s yoga or eating raw I find it helpful to journal so while I won’t call this The Ravenous Raw Vegan any longer, catchy as it was, I think The Ravenous (& Mostly) Raw Vegetarian is  more honest at this stage.

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