Nutribullet To The Rescue

We’re on our weekend trip to Rhode Island. I survived on my two juices, oranges, and bananas yesterday. And coffee.

I was starving by the time I was done with my work meeting (the purpose of the trip) at 5 and so we went out to a Mexican restaurant that was recommended. They had avocado fries on the menu and what can I say, I was curious. They were about a 1/1 ratio of fried breading to avocado though. Tasty but a mistake. They were $10, too, so I didn’t want to just let them go to waste. Bad logic.

Then I got an arugula salad with some roasted vegetables that was a bit too oily to be really good. My margarita saved the meal at least.

We went downstairs for breakfast this morning. I had a small cherry Greek yogurt and an apple with some peanut butter and then we headed to Stop & Shop for smoothie ingredients.

I just used my Nutribullet for the first time. It works really well! I wouldn’t replace the Vitamix with it but it’s far more portable and great for travel.

I might make a chocolate shake now.



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