Mid Month Update

I’ve been struggling a bit of late with the holidays ramping up into full swing and I’ve had a cold since Friday that I’m just getting over.  I’ve been making lots of juices and smoothies at least and trying to have a salad every night.  Saturday I had a giant smoothie for breakfast but then succumbed to a bunch of unhealthy food at dinner thanks to having plans with my husband’s family (they don’t eat well at all!). Sunday I recovered a bit with juices in the morning and then  I made a buddha bowl with quinoa, spinach, beans, and guacamole for dinner.

Yesterday I had juice in the morning and then forgot to eat until 3:30 when my husband had made some leftover latkes from Saturday night.  Not healthy but alas it is the holidays and I’m doing much better than I probably would be otherwise.  For dinner we had a nice big greek salad and I tried making some quinoa porridge for dessert.  It was sort of delicious.  Not raw but healthy enough.
For the rest of the month I’m going to stick with my goal of raw till dinner and then make sure at least half of my dinner is raw, which I usually accomplsih with a big salad, which I’ve been pretty good about. Not perfect.  But pretty good.
I’ve been experimenting with lots of recipes this month but am finding I’m struggling with dehydrated foods.  I just don’t really like the dehydrated crackers and breads and nut heavy SAD substitutes I’ve made thus.  I love the onion bread for but um, let’s just say it would only work if I didn’t ever spend time around other people as I seem to have some digestion issues with it.
In January I think my goal will be to start experimenting with some more things like marinated and dehydrated non-nut based things.  I remember liking marinated and dehydrated portabellas and marinated and dehydrated tomatoes.
My goal at least for now is not to be raw during the day with a really healthy mostly vegan dinner.  I’m really enjoying the Jennifer Cornbleet interviews she’s been doing daily and am getting a lot of inspiration and ideas from them.   A lot of the guests have been recommending some sort of buddha bowl in the winter with quinoa or sweet potatoes and then beans or lentils with greens.
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