Food Journal Recap

From Wednesday (Travel day to CT):
7 AM Coffee
8:30 AM and 10:30 AM I made myself a green juice and a green smoothie for the drive there.
11 AM – Stop for coffee
1 PM For lunch I had a salad with roasted beets and some goat cheese.  I resisted the dessert thought the menu looked delicious.
5, 5:30, and 6 PM: I brought an orange, an apple, and a banana for snacks and I ate all three on the way home.
7:30 PM For dinner it was salad with some brown rice (with soy sauce and butter).
8 PM A couple of vanilla drop cookies.
It wasg a tough day on the craving front.  I’m feeling a bit worn out from all of the driving  yesterday and might be fighting off the cold my daughter has.  Fingers crossed I don’t get it.  I’ve been taking oil of oregano to help boost my immune system.  That stuff is like a miracle.
7 AM Coffee
9 AM – This morning all I wanted to do was get a coffee and a bagel and cream cheese on my way into work.  I didn’t.  I decided to make a green juice and a sweet potato/pear/orange juice before I left for the office and see how I felt after that.  The bagel craving is gone at least.  I’m feeling sort of uninspired though.
11 AM I ate the last raw brownie from the batch I made last week and a raw vanilla drop cookie.

I skipped lunch altogether yesterday.  I just couldn’t stomach the idea of getting a salad down.  I seem to have caught my daughter’s cold so was still craving comfort food.

5 PM YESTERDAY  we went out to our favorite wood fired oven pizza place in town and I had a salad with some pizza.  No regrets.  It’s good enough to be worth it.

Today so far:
6 AM coffee
6:30 AM More Coffee
9 AM Huge green uice.
Lunch – I have the salad I brought in yesterday that I’ll eat today.
Dinner – we’re having friends over and I’m going to serve the rest of the veggie soup we made earlier this week in addition to salad and the zucchini noddles and “cheese” sauce.   I might make a raw cheese cake, too, if i can get it together.  I’ll see how I feel by then.  Yesterday I was pretty exhausted by 5 PM thanks to the cold.
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