No Pendulum This Time

It’s been almost a month since I started this high raw diet.  I’ve been raw until dinner most days and have been making sure I eat a big salad with dinner when I do eat something cooked.  I’m feeling pretty good.  I have more energy.  I feel clear headed.  And most importantly, I feel happy.  Life feels good.  I feel grateful for, and better able to connect with, the people around me.  I don’t think I’ve lost much if any weight but so be it.

I was going through some old entries from 2009 when I first started this blog and and remembered how I would go off the rails when I used to eat something cooked after going for stretches of weeks eating all raw.  It always seemed to be all or nothing and if I would swing the pendulum into the 99% raw territory it seemed to swing just as furiously back towards things like bread and cheese.

I’m really not depriving myself this time around, which seems to be creating less of a pendulum effect.  If I really want something then I eat it.  We went to the movies with Ruthie on Saturday and I was hoping to bypass the popcorn but Ruthie really wanted to get some.  Next time I’ll make some popcorn at home without a bunch of chemical additives but since we hadn’t planned ahead I got her the kid-size popcorn.   Then I smelled it and I really wanted some, too, so I had about two handfuls.  Afterwards I had horrible stomach cramps.  (This is one of the problems with eating really well… it can make you intolerant to eating all those things that really shouldn’t be in anyone’s food in the first place.)

We went to Chipotle for dinner since it was getting late after the movie and there is one right near the mall so I had a salad bowl there.  Did have some brown rice, black beans, and a bit of cheese on it.

Yesterday I ate raw for most of the day but decided to have a half cup of brown rice pasta with a little butter and parmesan with my big greek salad.  It was delicious.

I’m learning what I like and don’t like.  The veggie burger patty was good on Friday night.  I had another on Saturday and had a hard time getting it down.  Things like the raw ketchup that have sun dried tomatoes in them I find mildly repulsive.  As do the nut heavy entrees.

I love my juices in the morning for breakfast.  Sometimes followed by some chia pudding or oatmeal with berries.  Sometimes not.  First lunch is a huge green smoothie (a quart or more) in the late morning and second lunch is after noon and has been an avocado on some sort of raw cracker with lemon juice and salt.

Chocolate shakes are a delicious treat.  The raw brownies are, too.

A salad most nights with something cooked – anything from a slice or two of pizza to some brown rice or quinoa – is keeping me even keeled.

I made a raw bread this morning.  It’s in the dehydrator at home as I type this from the office.   Fingers crossed.

We’re doing a fair amount of entertaining this coming weekend so I think I’ll make the cheesecake on Thursday or Friday.

I’ll try the zucchini hummus and collard wraps one day this week when I tire of the avocado on crackers (or maybe the raw bread!) as my post smoothie lunch.

I’ll try the raw ravioli for dinner one night and have a fully raw day.  Maybe the raw fettucini alfredo another night.

Tonight, I’m making vegetable soup.  The cooked kind.  And I’m looking forward to it.

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