From December 4th

I have been eating cooked most nights. I’d love to get to the point where that is the exception rather than the norm.

Yesterday was the first time I stayed raw all day (except for coffee).

I’d orinally planned on having a nut meat burger for dinner tonight and making raw ketchup to go with it but then Scott got my favorite veggie shepard’s pie for dinner and he had that and a nice salad all ready when I came home from work so I did eat cooked food at dinner.  But with a nice big salad and some raw sauerkraut at least!

I’m having ng so much fun making and thinking about all the delicious raw foods that you can make.

Whenever I tried eating raw in the past I always felt like it had to be 100% or there was no point to it. That seems so silly now though.  More raw food is better than less no matter what percentage it is.  So I’m just trying to focus on saying, “yes” rather than, “no” like The Rawtarian said in one of her podcasts.

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