December 5th:

Feeling a little headachy and low energy today (too much coffee?  the SAD mac n cheese yesterday, no green juice or yoga this morning?)

Here’s my raw till dinner report. I might make some raw ketchup when I get home to try on the nut meat burgers I haven’t quite been able to bring myself to eat. The few nibbles I had weren’t that good but maybe with the ketchup and maybe I’ll even make raw mayo.  With the sauces and wrapped up in a leaf of romaine they might be good?

Here is my food log for the day:
coffee with milk at 7:30 AM
Starbucks latte @ 9 AM
16 oz of green smoothie leftover from yesterday @ 1130 AM
banana @ 12:30 PM
leftover moroccan carrot slaw with green pea shoots on top.
big bowl of chia pudding with berries @ 1 PM
onion bread crackers with avocado mashed up with lemon, salt and pepper @ 3 PM
I’m going to try to keep it raw tonight.  We’ll see what happens.
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